Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in a Big Photo-filled Nutshell

Definitely my photo of the year.

I love reading other peoples' summaries/resolutions/etc for the year. So in the midst of my insomnia (I've been working on this post for 4 hours starting 4.30am), I thought I should do one as well, only in a more may-niac fashion: with pictures - just the way you love it.

1. Family 

Made my first trip in Australia out of Melbourne! And besides visiting my friends at UNSW (below), I spent most of my time with the best aunt ever, Aunty Bee! As you can tell from the oysters, she's one to spoil me. 

On the side note, Sydney is definitely a place to visit if you've never been, though I'd suggest bringing someone who's familiar with the area along if you're as harebrained as I am.

It felt amazing to be home for a month in Winter after being away for an entire year, and it felt better because I surprised my sister at for graduation! I can't wait to go back again in February. I miss home, and I miss my family. There have been times when I've realized how I've taken their presence as a family for granted, and as I grow older, I've been learning to appreciate them more and more.

Jacqueline, my cousin fron Hong Kong but studying in New Zealand (if you think that's a long story, trying asking her about her nationality) paid me a visit not too long ago (blog post long overdue, I'm sorry! It's coming, I promise!) and it was quiet but fun.

And that was perfect tour guide training the week right before Ping and Dubai came over. (again, blogpost will be up soon!) I brought them around for about 5-6 days; it was a whole lot of fun with lots of food, lots of walking around, lots of erratic weather changes: there you go, Melbourne in a nutshell.

Happy happy Lim sisters at the Shrine of Remembrance. Do we look alike?

Yes Dubai, you're my family too. :)

2. Friends

I've had SO many friends visit Melbourne, and funny thing is, I didn't get to see every single one of them! Must remember to fully utilize my camera from now on.

Vivien and Diksha, from Sydney. They hosted me for about 2 nights in Sydney as well, and I think the UNSW campus is beautiful. My first and probably only glimpse of a Uni campus life. 

My favourite couple of all time, Jou and Josh from KL. I can't wait to see you guys soon. Or start booking your tickets for next winter. Though, you guys might wanna find someone else to stay with cause I wouldn't have sofa couches anymore.

Mei from Iowa and Hazel from KL. This was the only picture I had of the two of you, sorry :/  I didn't get to take you guys around at all! :( Hazel, if you're gonna be in Queensland, I'll definitely pay you a visit :) Mei, you already know I'm saving money to go to the US after I graduate :)

Pauline, from Canberra. I've yet to pay you a visit, and I think I will this Easter break (unless you're coming here). I might catch a bus, though i think for the sake of my sanity of my rear, I'll spend on a plane ticket.

Xiaoyun, my long-lost, new-found soulmate from Manchester. It's been a real pleasure knowing you, and even though things didn't work out for you one way or the other, I do hope you'd still come back to Melbourne to see my pretty face!

Tri-Xha, from KL. I know you visit Australia a lot, so I EXPECT you to come back. Please? =p. I can't wait to bring you those salted caramel macarons you and Jou love so much; and for your lil dress-up tea party when I get home! :3

Julia, from KL. A new friend who works where I used to work, it's amazing how we got along so well. You were a real joy to bring around; not many people could stomach the amount of food I stuffed you with, and willingly too!

Brian, from Canberra. Okay so this picture wasn't from your trip, but I hope Amber enjoyed the sweet treats you brought home for her! You've yet to taste the best of Melbourne's food, really..

Jenn, from Sydney. So I was a little cranky when we met up, but it was really wasn't you; it was great to another familiar face! I haven't visited the USyd campus, and I will definitely ring you up when I visit Sydney the next time!

Vicky, from Melbourne/KL. Congrats on your graduation!!! It was great seeing you again; I genuinely do miss you and Aris. I'll definitely want to meet up with you when I'm back in Malaysia, though you guys might have to pick me up =p

Lara, from KL. You were more of Iryan's guest than mine, but it was still fun to bring you around. Maybe Iryan and I can plan a trip to visit you up in Sydney once you've settled down, then it's your turn to bring me to the best burgers in Sydney instead.

In 2012, I've made new friends, reconciled with people I've had a falling out with, gotten closer to some friends, and reached a different level of understanding with others. Maybe 2013 will be full of more surprises and will bring more fulfilling friendships my way. It's just good that 2012 is a year that did not see any friendships falling apart.

Among the good company in Melbourne. If your photo isn't here, don't pout.. I'll cook you dinner :)

2/3s of my favourite people here in Melbourne. Thank you for everything, Iryan and Demie <3

As for the remaining 1/3, congrats Adam, for getting that exchange to the UK!! You're living my dream, and make sure you live it the hell out for me. The three of us will miss you very much, and I'll see you back again in July :)

3. Uni Life

It's no big secret that I was never really happy with what I was doing and the fact that I was in the University of Melbourne. It's something I've taken for granted - not many people have been able to be able to study abroad, or have a tertiary education at all. I've sprouted a new respect and appreciation for my Uni life.

Uni is not meant to be easy, and it's something I had to learn the hard way, not once, but 4 times. After 1.5 years of sulking around Accounting and Finance, I've finally decided to switch to Marketing and maybe even Management, because I definitely suit Marketing better than anything to do with numbers. It was hard, and I'm so blessed to have parents who understood me and gave me a choice. 

4. Relationship

I'm sad to say that my 1.5 year relationship with JasonLMK has come to an end. It was very recent, so it might explain my behavior just a little bit. I haven't got much to say about this, just that we've had a good run, but it was time for us to go our separate ways. 

On the side note: It's always important that you get the blessings for your and your other half's parents, because no matter how good it is, they ultimately have a large hold on what your relationship is and what it will be. If there's something about you that they don't like that you can still change, then maybe that's a test for you as to whether you're willing to change for the one you love. But when it's something that you can never change, like your heritage, your roots, your religion, your race, then it's either they learn to accept, or you pack up and leave.

5. Kitty

He's currently sleeping in his bed next to me, and this may sound utterly bizarre but Levi's definitely one I've become a lot closer to, especially over the past month what with me being home with him nearly all the time. He's been a really good kitty, with bits and pieces of misbehavior here and there.

6. Other highlights

Meeting JinnyBoyTV and the 'cast' of unfold in Melbourne. I can't even...............

Opening up to Melbourne definitely means opening up to the food of Melbourne. Here's the jar that i keep talking about (it's got a lot more paper in it right now) and my Café guide that I follow loosely along with Urbanspoon. 

This is a really, really old picture, but it's probably one of the very few of me in the gym. My fitness in 2012 has been on a massive roller coaster ride. I'm gonna come back stronger and healthier. Remember, it's 30% exercise and 70% nutrition.

7. 2013

I hope for a great many things in 2013. I can feel a good 2013 coming, what with my completely unexpected reconnection with God, with my Uni life finally going in a direction where I can actually see a final destination, and with my opening up to Melbourne.

That, and that I feel a strange energy that's just waiting to pop out and go apeshit on everyone around me. (now that sounds more like me eh?)

Here's to a great 2013, from me to all of you, and to myself.



pline said...

First to comment!

I was like- oh no did she forget me oh no did she forget me! LOL. and WHAAA broke up with Jason and Uni changes! come back soon so I can see you can?! and yes yes come in Easter! I think I'll stay in Can Can. :) I MISS YOU. oh oh and I tried to have a YiMay house party for the first tme last week. quite hard ah, I wanted more organized fun. . and can WE have a fancy tea prty/ dinsdins too? I WANT YOU TO COOK FOH MEEEE.

okay, gna stop whining now. happy NY dear. see you soon!

Jean Chang said...

Forgot me! )): you owe me dinner!

Julia said...

Happy New Year!! (still is in Malaysia time ;P)

Hahahaha so glad you enjoyed bringing me around!!! ooo Yes i really had ALOT of fun stuffing good food and sweet stuff in my tummy! (i still remember how the strawberry crepe tasted!!!!!)

This definitely calls for another round!!Round 2 coming up hahaha :D :D :D

oyeah and all the best to 2013 :)

JiaYuan said...

Now you owe me dinner! HAHAHHAHA

YES 2013 wil be much greater year ahead! and you know who to go to if you need anything. :)

Mei Yin Wong said...

I am from KL not IOWA!:)