Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Awesome Viennoise roll from Dr Jeckyll.

Can't believe my Spring break is coming to an end and i haven't done anything besides watch MasterChef, gym and café hunting. I'm gonna get a whole lot of my Principles of Marketing and APA (hiss) assignment done today.. but after this post is done.

Dr. Jeckyll
107 Grey Street St. Kilda VIC
(03) 9525 5999
Mon - Fri, 7am - 4pm, Sat - Sun, 8am - 4pm.
[ tram 3/3a/67, stop 34 (Inkerman St/St. Kilda Rd) ]

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It took us a while to find the place. It's about a 400m walk away from the tram stop.. When we did find it, i was pretty pleased that it wasn't full to the brim cause I was hungry as hell.

Lots of space for us inside.. but it was such a nice day so we chose to sit outside in the backyard (?).

Spot our table.

I always decide what i want to eat last, just to make sure i wouldn't order the same thing as someone else at the table. I'm not picky, i just like to have pictures of different kinds of food =p

My Viennoise roll with house cured ocean trout, capers, cucumber ribbons, baby spinach and chive crème fraiche, $13 

After the portion-to-price disappointment i had at De Clieu, i think the rest were pretty surprised that i ordered this.. but i didn't regret it at all. The hero was surprisingly, the Viennoise roll. It was the sweetest, softest, fluffiest roll i've ever had in my life.. I want more......

Max's Poached chicken sourdough sandwich with avocado chive crème fraiche and baby spinach, $12.  

Arif/Jason's brekkie burger: fried egg, leg ham, chorizo, melted cheese, house chutney and roquette, $13.50

'mmmmm....... dat egg.....' was the only thing both of them kept saying.

I still can't stand the sight/smell of yolk that isn't well done.. yea i don't appreciate flowy, watery yolk. yurgh. I had a taste of the burger sans the yolk and i must say it's nice to have a bite expecting a burger patty and getting the firmness and spicy-ness of a chorizo.

 Saw this massive poodle on the way to the café. I thought it was fake till Maxine pointed it out.. Such a classy looking dog.

"I'll admit, not everything about St. Kilda is wrong. I mean, I would like to see the ladies (and some men) wear either shoes or a bra, but I can’t control class, can I?"- That Jess Ho

so.. who's joining me for the next café? call me!

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