Sunday, September 23, 2012

resuscitation attempt no. 5320980234098

so.......... i'm back (i try, i try).

thanks to jason, pauline and vicky. they've mentioned that i should update/restart my blog, and i've been thinking about it for a long time too. finally got my butt up to start!

what's been going on lately?
after a whole year, i've finally opened up to melbourne. particularly, the café scene. melbourne IS australia's coffee/café central after all. jason and i have been going to one or two new cafés every week (time and money permitting). i guess people who know me well enough would know that i've got this undying love for food, and more so taking pictures of my food and showing it to the world (like the asian that i am; it's basically the building blocks of my instagram account).

as for the whole opening up to melbourne part, i guess i wasn't at all ready to say goodbye to my friends in malaysia, and i hated being away from home that i've turned away from all the wonderful things about melbourne. i can honestly say that, while it IS expensive to live here, i really like it here now. sure, i've gotta work at domino's for extra money (best part-time job i've ever had so far!), but that's life isn't it?

i've also got more control over my life now. not like i was wild and irresponsible in the first place, but.. to put it rather poetically, while i don't see a clear destination, i can definitely see a road ahead of me. dropping finance as a major was definitely the best decision i've made since getting here (i nearly failed my first finance paper - go figure) and i am still doing accounting and recently took up (though i might completely switch to) marketing, cause i love it and it makes more sense to me. but we'll see how it goes at the end of this semester (and whether mommy and daddy dearest allow me).

it feels great to fill up my time with something productive (more than watching MasterChef Australia 6 hours a day, definitely). hopefully this time, i'd be able to keep updating regularly.. hopefully. as usual, it'll be about food, food, food.. maybe a bit of the fitness side of my life too, since that's now a huge part of me.

and even if no one reads my blog........... at least jason will. ;)

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