Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eggs from Bluebird Espresso.

I know i should be shutting myself indoors and completing all my assignments, but I think the 2-week-long Spring break has brought out all the extra lazy bones I never knew I had. Oh well, at least I got my butt to the gym before lunch.

Bluebird Espresso
134 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC
(03) 9078 7047
Mon - Sun, 8am - 4pm
[ tram 86, stop 19 (Johnston St/Fitzroy St) or train to Victoria Park (shorter walk and faster trip) ]

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For some odd reason, Jason and i were extra excited about this café. It's not like it had any coffee cup awards from the Good Café Guide whatsoever.. Maybe it's because it's a café that none of our friends/acquaintances that we know of have gone to, and the distance made us feel like we're going to a completely foreign land (although in reality it was just a 20 minute train ride from the city). 

It's about a 5 minute walk away from the train station. If you start to feel like you're on the wrong road, then you're gonna reach the entrance soon. Look out for that (ˆ) sign.

We weren't disappointed though. The warm staff, the brightly lit café and the bright tulips made me forget that it was a very gloomy, cold, temperamental-weather kinda morning/midday. 

Jason's Dukkah Eggs - mushrooms, spinach and feta on multigrain with poached eggs and dukkah, $14.50, with chorizo (+$2).

Dukkah is the green stuff that's sprinkled on top of the poached eggs: an Egyptian mixture of herbs, nuts and spices.

That yolk.. I'm still trying to get over my fear of looking at flow-y, half cooked yolk, but maybe some of you out there would get a kick outta the yellow-y goodness.. A lot of customers ordered the Dukkah Eggs, and is was also recommended by other food blogs. Jason said he'd be back for this again.

Mexican Eggs - fried eggs (couldn't change to scrambled, boohoo) on corn tortillas, spicy mexican salsa, coriander and queso fresco, $14.50, with chorizo (+$2).

Queso fresco is the white cheese sprinkled on top. I'm generally a huge fan of Mexican food, and this made me pretty happy. The corn tortillas were soft and surprisingly not soggy; the salsa, though it wasn't spicy, had enough of a Mexican kick up my culata (butt, in Spanish). Of course, i gave the yolks to Jason.. I should learn to eat yolks thought. Or, tell them to flip the fried eggs next time.

Their kitchen was right there at the counter. The smell of the sizzling bacon was really.. really.. not cool. Like 'oh god, stahp, staahhhppp' kinda smell. And if you can spot the mountain of avocado on their smashed avocado on multigrain, you can imagine how hard it was for me to not order a second lunch.

Melbourne's trolling weather god annoys me more than anything else in the world.. I would've sat outside if the weather didn't look like it was going to go apocalyptic on us when we got there.

That's what it looked like when we were about to leave. And that shack to the right is their toilet. Looks  a little dodgy, but it was really clean. But then again, anything compared to Malaysian public toilets........

It's a relatively small café; there's barely any space to walk from the front all the way to the back. But at least it didn't feel like i was forced to listen to the other customer's conversations.

I like this café. I'll probably go back there sooner than I think.

If you're gonna head out today, LAYER UP. DON'T BE DECEIVED BY THE SUN. IT'S BLOODY FREEZING AND WINDY. So windy that the rain was falling diagonally.

You saw how sunny it was a few photos ago.. This was about 10 minutes after that.

Behold, i am the Cousin of Cousin It.

/ edit /

Food: 7
Coffee: 7
Ambience: 7
Value: 7
Staff: 7

Damned troll weather god. STAAAHHHPP

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