Monday, October 1, 2012

Home-made Vietnamese inspired rolls, my way.

Home-cooked dinners are great. 
Home-cooked dinners are better when they're tastier than anticipated. 
Home-cooked dinners are the best when you aren't cooking alone. 

It was inspired by Dani Venn (Masterchef Australia 2011)'s Vietnamese beef noodle salad and traditional Vietnamese rice paper rolls.

My idea was to use the beef marinade that she used in her recipe, and make a roll without the rice paper. Yea.. I don't know if you get my logic, cause I don't either. But it turned out good in the end! Cept i don't think I'd put bok choy in it if i make it again.. maybe something fresh like basil and parsley for a crunchy texture.

It was more of a wrap than anything else. Rice paper rolls are generally small and are folded in at the ends.. Unintentional blasphemy. I'm not Vietnamese btw, if there are any strangers reading this blog..  

No recipe today, unfortunately. I've gotta get on with my assignments and I can sense a few people (Mei lol) coming back every few hours to check if I updated for the day (maybe.. or am i just flattering myself?).

And because there aren't many mouth-watering food pictures today, here's a kitty. My kitty! He's grown a whole lot since we took my blog header photo together last December.

 Like a sir. 

He's gonna be 1 year old (in actual age) in about 2 weeks! We're trying to get him to eat adult kibble but he hates it. He keeps going back to his kitty kibble and we've gotta give in otherwise he's take revenge by shitting on my bed. I'm not kidding.. this cat is a real diva.

Hmmm. I miss home.


On a sadder note..
The sad reality of someone who loves food as much as I do is that eating all that good food came with a price.. a price that I'd pay emotionally, mentally, and physically (I mean working out, don't panic) painfully. This two week break has brought out the demon in me that I've been keeping at bay for 2 months or so.. I did anticipate this though, knowing how bad I am at controlling my cravings and my lack of discipline food-wise but maybe knowing that it was coming and not doing anything about it make matters worse. To top it off, I barely went to the gym over the last two weeks.. It's a double kill.

You'd imagine how painful it is the see all the work I've put into getting leaner, fitter and toner over the course of about 2 months (not as strict but fairly consistent nonetheless) slip away in just two weeks. I don't have an eating disorder, but I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with the way I think when it comes to how I think of myself.

It's about time for me to learn to accept myself, to feel good in my own skin again. It's been almost 3 years since I last felt good about, or at least, didn't hate, how i looked (for more than a week). I'd yo-yo.. go through very short periods where I'd be perfectly content with what I look like (with clean eating and mad gymming) and then I'd just let it all go. Three steps forward, one step back. Story of my life.

Yea.. for those out there who never knew this side of me, there you go. I hate what I've made myself look like (gained about 5kgs back in 2010 - not as little as it seems, and I can't seem to lose it anymore), I hate how I don't seem to have constant willpower to keep going, I hate how my peaks in fitness depend on my troughs.

Maybe reminding myself of how far i've fallen, and how much i've failed would put me back on the right track. Wrong mindset? Not the way I see it. If you're gonna accept and be content with what you have, the change you want will never happen.

February, 2010. 52kgs.

Yeah. Maybe you guys understand how shitty I feel about how I look now, eh?

maybe i'm just running the wrong race. 


Jess-iE said...

Hey girl. I kind of feel you here. Have been urging to work out and just when you finally reached the type of body you wanted, something came up and you satisfy all the cravings and start eating, eating, and then eating away the hard work on your body. Then it results in weight gain within such a short period. Mine gets worse because during my busy period, I do not eat, but once I eat, I can finish a meal fit for three men :O that is very, very bad. And I am not a very good cook here so I usually eat out (you know how greasy food outside can be). I am a Malaysian by the way :)

All I can say is, do not give up. Hard work is difficult, but once you achieve it, the satisfaction is just beyond words :)

May Lim said...

hey! really, thanks so much. feels great to know that a complete stranger cares.. yeah binging is really bad, but heck, i have very very weak self-control. and yes, malaysian food: so good for the soul but so, so bad for the body! thank you so much for the encouragement.. i go through periods of times when i get particularly depressed about this issue but i'm usually alright by the next day :) my thoughts go out to you too; may you have greater willpower to not binge, or at least when you do, not binge on too unhealthy things! :) i see you're sarawakian, oh god, go have some kolo mee (in moderation) for me!