Friday, October 26, 2012

Dancing Goat Café's Mini Marzocco and Mini Buns.

I just had the best breakfast I've ever had in a long time. I actually rushed home to blog about this one, while it's still fresh in my head.

I took Jason to Patricia's (post coming soon!) for an early morning coffee since he wasn't with me the first time I went. And when I say early, I mean, 7.15-am-out-of-the-house early. I remembered reading on Fatboo's Hidden Coffee Trail that Dancing Goat was near Patricia's, and that they serve breakfast there so we decided to give it a go.

Dancing Goat Café
Shop 4, 280 King Street Melbourne VIC
03 9670 4002
Mon - Fri, 7am - 4pm
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It was quite a walk, from home, to Patricia's (Lt Bourke/Lt William), to Dancing Goat. I was really hoping that the food wouldn't let me down after all that walking, and it didn't. There were two staff members working at the time, and both of them were really friendly. I even had a chat with the owner about her camera.

The place was relatively empty at about 8am, but not for long. It wasn't crowded with a long line, but there was a little but of a buzz from a few walk-ins and take-aways.

You probably wouldn't notice the crazy, colourful paintings on the walls until you sit down. They're all for sale, painted by one of the owner's cousins (brother? cousin?).

It's a mini Marzocco! 

We were lucky that out trip here wasn't a week earlier; they've just changed their menu and their supplier of the buns (Dench Bakers). The muffins were freshly baked, but both Jason and I couldn't stomach any more food after we were done, it was too early in the morning.

Soy latté, $4.40, Strong latté, $3.80.

We had our usual coffees, but Jason's palette was a little clouded from the coffee he just had from Patricia's. I liked the coffee there. Ironically enough, I've developed a strong liking for Seven Seed's beans. The soy is a little pricier than the average, though the low price of the food probably makes up for that.

Twice cooked 24 hour beef ribs: marinated, braised, and roasted beef ribs with spinach and a pickle, $3.90

According to the menu, it's 'magic' and I honestly agree. The beef tasted so good after all that work put into making it. I wish I bought another to take home. It was great that the pickle wasn't the mega salty, fast food quality kind.

Proscuitto di Parma with feta and herb ricotta, $3.50.

The feta and herb ricotta was really, really good. It was soft, tasty, and it went well with the proscuitto, and the whole bun too actually.

Pesto bocconcini tomato, $3.50

It's simple, and it was good. The slow roasted tomato really cut through the bocconcini, and the basil pesto was really aromatic. It sounds boring, but it doesn't taste boring.

Brekkie bun: crispy bacon and free range egg with a tomato chutney, $3.50.

I didn't taste much of this, but I tasted enough of the chutney to like it. It had a very nice, smokey, onion flavour to it, and the egg was cooked well enough to give the bun a different texture.

Field mushrooms roasted with thyme and garlic, with a (very) generous dollop of herbed ricotta, $3.50.

Of course I had to take the bun with mushrooms in it. How could i not?! I really don't know what crack they've put into the ricotta, and the mushrooms were just as good as the ones from Three Bags Full.

Roasted eggplant with truffle goats cheese and red onion, $3.50.

There were quite a few people waiting for coffee, so I think she left this one in the toaster a little longer cause it came a little flat. No matter, it just made the bun a little crunchier. The goats cheese went really well with the eggplant, though we both thought it was sour cream at first.

Aren't they cute?! Man, I feel like going back there NOW to try out the rest of the buns. But no.. I will control myself.. I will not.

All their mini buns on display are also on the menu, so you don't have to second guess which is which. The ticks are what they had so far while we were there. At least I've got a kind of checklist of what I've yet to try next! 

I would suggest going in a little later than 8am for you to be able to choose from the full range of mini buns. I saw them putting up a tray of another type when we were about to leave. It's okay though, I know I'll definitely return relatively soon.

Throughout our meal, I've concluded that they've got a relatively big return customer base cause the owner kept greeting quite a number of customers by name. Now that's what I call good relationship marketing (heh, I'm doing a lot of revision for Principles of Marketing now, sorry). 

Food: 9
Coffee: 7
Ambience: 7
Value: 8.5
Staff: 8.5

Is anyone going for JinnyBoyTV's showcase today?

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