Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Patricia's tugging at my coffee heartstrings.

How good does a coffee have to be to get your customers coming back, even when you don't have a proper address, nor a namecard with any details whatsoever on it?

You have to be as good as Patricia's.

Patricia Coffee Brewers
Corner of Lt Bourke St and Lt William St
Mon - Fri, 7am - 4pm
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Picture was taken off Google, cause I can't seem to find the card I took. 

It's meant to be a coaster as well. Heck, how cool is that? It's their way of promoting themselves I suppose; to ensure that new customers in store are due to word-of-mouth. Or extremely lucky stumble-upon-ers.

It's really near EARL Canteen, just round the corner of Lt. Bourke and King St, really. Lucky office workers around the area! 

Look at who they get their beans from. I don't think I've ever tried Small Batch, but I've developed a liking for Proud Mary, Market Lane, and Seven Seeds beans over the past month or two.

Like Market Lane and Sensory Lab, practically the only thing on their menu (if there's one at all) is coffee. Many, many kinds of coffee.

Of course, there's the customary display of mini pastries and sweets, but it's clear that their focus is mostly on coffee.


When you walk through the door, there'll be someone very friendly by the counter, ready to take your order (if there isn't a line). You pay, you wait, you drink, and you leave. Happy. Very happy. At least, Lara, Adam, Iryan, Jason and I did when we went there (two different occasions).

The place is really small. Just a few lowly placed mantlepiece-like things to put your coffee on. No seats, no tables, and even no glass panes on their windows (or maybe they were too high for me to notice). 

These two baristas, so, so cheeky! I'd go back and take funnier pictures of them, but based on both my visits at completely different times, I'm guessing they're always pretty busy.

I know I haven't described the coffee, and this time, I won't. I won't tell you how good the coffee is. You've gotta go there and try it out for yourself. But you might be interested to know that it's easily the best coffee Jason's ever had, and that boy is P-I-C-K-Y with his coffee. 
Food: N/A
Coffee: 9.5
Ambience: 7.5
Value: 9
Staff: 8.5

I was so scared I'd annoy the other customers as my camera's generally pretty loud. I was noticed by a group of people though, who asked if I blogged, and for my link. (If you're reading this, thank you for the encouragement!)

how's the infinite scrolling?

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