Thursday, November 1, 2012

Demie's All-Day 20th Celebration: Tapas at Long Room

I didn't have much time to rest after high tea since dinner was at 6.30pm. Again, Demie didn't know where we were going until Berlin and Tom brought her there.

Long Room
Georges Building, 162-168 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC
03 9663 7226

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I was very, very disappointed that the website didn't say anything about the mains menu not being available on Wednesday nights because of their Midweek Tapas Feast, which meant that everyone dining there on Wednesday had to pay $28/person for an all-you-can-eat tapas fare. I did make it very clear to one of the waitresses there about how I felt, but then again, there's only so much she could do about it. I did advise them to do something about their website though, because I went there expecting there to be at least a choice of what we could eat.

However, the waitress who served us, Megan, was great. She was friendly and helpful, and she was very nice too. Her great service made up for the pretty bad food timing.

They had plenty of tapas. Each person could only order 2 at a time, which I felt was a smart thing on the restaurant's part, but a little unfair to the customers. It took at least 20 minutes between each serve to arrive, which means the food would've settled. We only managed to take 3 rounds and we were stuffed to the brim.

Just a few pictures of the tapas we ordered. (Not very good pictures.. I've yet to learn how to use my camera properly. Someone teach me, por favor?)

I had the Spicy Garlic Prawns, Chorizo Romesco, Champignon Mushrooms, Albondigas, Chilli Chicken, Mushroom Empanada, and the Lamb Kofta, and they were all pretty food.

It was a good thing the food there was good. The others seemed pretty happy with their food, though they kept missing a few orders.

Food: 7.5
Coffee: N/A
Ambience: 8
Value: 6
Staff: 8

And the guests:

Adam and Iryan, thanks for being on time :)

Berlin and Tom, thanks for everything!

Ky-Lynn and Zack, you guys always have the best pictures!

Max and Arif, sorry I caught you mid-blink! 

Jason and I. Doesn't he look so schmart awujiwujiwuu

Of course, not forgetting Demie..

You guys seriously do not look alike at all!


And that's the group of us.. The other two pictures were really weird!

We headed back to Iryan's place for 'coffee' without Berlin and Tom. 'Coffee' turned out to be us surprising her with the cake that Berlin brought to Iryan's earlier in the day.

oooo sparkly

I think i'll start putting all my pictures in collages now.. It takes up less of my upload limit.

Gave her the presents after that.

Reading her Disney princess card, it sings 'Every girl can be a princess'. 

Cheesy, but it was very fitting since Demie's such a princess and since she wanted a Disney's princess themed birthday in the first place. (Not sure how that would play out since the majority of her invited guests were guys..) It was too bad the others weren't able to sign the card :(

Thomas Sabo's pearl, clover and heart with a diamond charm with a holder from everyone, to represent Love, Luck and Clarity. 

Tiffany's Letter 'D' pendant from Iryan, Adam and I, just cause we knew the blue box would do the trick.

I hope you enjoyed your day out, Demie! You're 20 and while you've already been independent and mature in many ways, maybe it's about time you start taking better care of yourself emotionally, and physically too (you know what I mean). It's been a pleasure to be your friend. You may annoy the hell outta me a lot (trust me), but you'd be glad to know that I do care (I hope your day was enough to prove it lol), even though I'm not always physically there.

Exams are in less than a week, so updates will definitely slow down for the next two weeks or so. I've also spent a little too much for the past week, so I've gotta eat dust for a while to make up for it.

wish me luck for my exams! and good luck to everyone else!

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