Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two couples, One breakfast at Two Birds One Stone.

If there's anything I'm wary about with cafés, it's an overhyped one. There was such a massive response to this café that it made me curious, yet uncertain about going there. 

Two Birds One Stone
12 Claremont St, South Yarra VIC
03 9827 1228
Mon - Fri, 7am - 4pm, Sat - Sun, 8am - 4pm
[ train to South Yarra Station ]

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It was a chilly morning in comparison to what we've been experienced over the week. When we got there at early 9am, it was already relatively full with the exception of the tables outside and we were put on a waiting list. At 9am!! Wow.

Demie and Billy were a little late, and Jason and I were seated about 15 minutes before they came. We got a couple of dirty looks from other customers who had their whole group ready to eat, and even from one of the waitresses handling the waiting list.

In a way, it was our fault and dirty looks from the waiting customers were completely understandable, but really, the dirty looks from the waitress was completely unnecessary and it really put me off despite feeling bad about hogging a table.

Strong latté, $3.80, and soy latté, $4.30

We thought the coffee there was good, but on the whole, pretty average in comparison to their competitors. I'm guessing Two Birds focuses a lot more on their food as compared to their coffee. Didn't really leave that big an impression on us.

Blonde omelette with hot smoked salmon, fennel, chili and coriander, $16.50.

Demie's smoked salmon omelette. Again, she said it was pretty average. Some parts of the salmon were overcooked and others undercooked. I find it a little strange to put fennel with salmon, but maybe that's just me. 

Scrambled eggs on toast, $9.50, with mushroom, spinach (+$3 each) and sausage (+$4).

Billy ordered a kinda custom made breakfast. I didn't really ask how it was cause he was relatively new to my dictatorship at the table and I didn't wanna scare him. But I do remember him saying that it's good, though in a non-committal way. 

Two Birds: eggs, bacon, tomato, pork chilli and fennel sausage, mushrooms, spinach and tomato relish, $18.50

Jason ordered their spin on a big breakfast. I tried a bit of the scrambled eggs and those were pretty good. Had a good look at the sausages and the bacon and I thought they were pretty oily but no one else had a problem with that. The tomatos were grilled well though.

25th Nov Specials: Beef Wellington - Scotch fillet, puff pastry, salsa verde, horseradish, and a fried egg, $16.50.

I was so excited when I saw this on the specials menu. I've been meaning to try beef wellington for ages; I've watched too much MasterChef US and Australia. 

Now, a beef wellington, as far as i know, is supposed to look like this:

And the one here, obviously, didn't look anything like it. It was more of a deconstructed beef wellington. If only they'd mentioned it in the menu, then I wouldn't be as shocked when it was put on the table.

(Yes, I actually ate the yolk. U proud?)

The puff pastry was really nice and crispy. The salsa verde was really good: it was sour but not too much, had a hint of salty and was just yummy. I really liked the mushroom as well. However, the main part of the dish, the Scotch, was rather average and the egg was slightly undercooked (saw a little bit of translucent egg white).

Naw cutie patooties. Thanks for joining us for breakfast, guys!

You could probably guess by now that I'm not very impressed with the place. It was all pretty average overall, to be very honest. What makes it worse is that it's miles away from it's origin, Three Bags Full in all aspects. Maybe it's because I expected so much more because of that, and because it was overhyped.

Food: 6.5
Coffee: 6
Ambience: 8
Value: 7
Staff: 6

Can't wait to have some guests in Melbourne again!

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