Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm going nuts for Purple Peanuts.

Jason works all the way on the other side of the city, so I decided to try out lunch at a place I've been meaning to go to for ages, which was just a street away from where he works.

Purple Peanuts Japanese Café
620 Collins St Melbourne VIC 
03 9620 9548 
[ tram 48/109/112, stop 1 (Collins St/Spencer St) ] 
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Funnily enough, the name didn't even click when I mentioned it to him. He actually comes here nearly every lunch hour. Tsk, how he failed to mention a good place to eat to me, I have no idea!

First thing I noticed was the deco all around. The place had so many posters of The Beatles (+100 points right there!), and you might notice that the Maneki-Neko (the cats with the waving paw) are have their make-up done like KISS. 

I'm guessing the owner of the place is a fan of UK's psychedelic music groups and rock..

I like that they had that huge as monster sitting on top of their refrigerator, watching over the unknowing customers as they dine.

The actually make their own chocolates here. How cool is that? They've got stuff like green tea brownies (sold out both times when I was there), panna cotta, and other little sweet treats. 

More sweet treats over their sushi display (which I failed to take a good picture of). I had a sample of their yuzu cake, and I really liked it! What I'm really keen on trying is their ume and raspberry marshmallows though. Maybe another day.

Another item that's pretty popular there is the vegie onigiri. If it's anything like the tuna one I had, it's basically vegie, rice, and it's deep fried. O.o

Their menu was, obviously, Japanese, of which some items had small twists to it, like the Prawn Burger. Loved that they used brown paper and marker pens. Gave the place a slightly rustic touch.

Okay so I've described a little too much about the place, but I really like this café!

Daigo's homemade miso soup, $2.90 (Regular)/ $4.50 (Large),
or add a Regular to (some of) the mains for $2.

I don't know who Daigo is, but I want to give him a big, big hug. This is, hands down, the best miso soup I've ever had in my life, and maybe because I've been having instant miso all this while. It wasn't overpoweringly salty, and it didn't make me feel like I was on the verge of dying from dehydration after.

Chicken curry, $9.20.

I tried some of what Jason ordered and I liked it. The curry wasn't very intense, and that means that it didn't taste artificial at all. The chicken is flame grilled, juicy, and just yummy. 

Gammodoki Prawn Burger, $9.50.

It wasn't a typical burger; it wasn't even circular shaped! But this is easily my favourite burger in Melbourne. Sure, the patty is made of tofu and some people may not dig that (Minn, I'm looking at you), but I definitely did. The teriyaki sauce in the burger was what made it amazing. 

I went back the next day for dinner. I really do like this place.. I rarely go back to the same place twice if i can help it.

Tuna onigiri, $4

Jason sneakily ordered this cause he knew I really wanted to try it. I liked it: really crispy on the outside and not too gooey or chewy on it inside. It tasted really good too, but because it was basically rice, and deep fried, it's highly unlikely that I'll order it again unless I'm really craving for it. 

Kakuni pork with rice, $9.50.

The pork was slow cooked and braised. How awesome does that sound? The pork was really tender and it tore up really easily in my mouth. And, of course, it didn't have that smelly porky taste at all! The korean chilli that came with it was something really different.

Beef curry soba, $9.00.

I honestly did not see that this was supposed to be a soupy dish on the menu. How blind am I?

Definitely no regrets though. It was really good. The soba was really yummy and the soup was so different: Japanese curry, but not as thick yet it wasn't diluted. And the best part was, it isn't your typical spicy curry (the type that'll make you sweat and have a tummy ache after). I drank the soup till the bowl was dry.

Mango panna cotta, $5.

Their homemade panna cottas weren't really panna cottas in my opinion, more like pudding. It was well made: soft, silky and not too sweet, but among all the things I've tried there, this is probably the only thing I had there that didn't blow my mind. 

I should also add that as far as Asian take-out-like places go, the staff there were really friendly. I think I spoke to the owner, who tried to convince me to convert to Nikon. NEVERRRRRRRR!

This really is a pretty place with good food. I'd definitely come back, especially since Jason is working a stone's throw away from the place. 

Food: 9
Coffee: N/A
Ambience: 7.5
Value: 9
Staff: 7.5

I tried playing around with Wordpress earlier, and I've concluded that I'll probably never switch over. It's just too complicated! Too many settings to meddle with, and I can't even customize my layout without needing to pay for it. *crinkles nose and eyebrows. I'll stick to Blogger, but it's highly likely that I'll change the URL soon. 'may-niac' is just too annoying to explain to people :(

really, call me out if you need someone to accompany you. i'm really bored at home all the time now.

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