Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mart 130, as seen on JinnyboyTV's unfold 2.

In conjunction with the end of my exams and the release of JinnyboyTV's unfold 2 yesterday, I decided to head over to the café that was filmed in the video with Demie.

Mart 130
107a, Canterbury Road, Middle Park VIC
03 9690 8831
[ tram 96, stop 130 (Middle Park) ]
Mon - Sun, 7.30am - 3pm
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It is extremely easy to get here. Just hope on the 96 tram towards St Kilda beach, and get off at stop 130. Which is probably how they got the name 'Mart 130': 'traM #130'.

Looks familiar doesn't it?

I have no idea when did they film this exactly, but from what I've heard about this place, it's rare to have the place not full, let alone nearly empty.

unfold 2, which obviously, is the sequel to unfold.

Well, the people who attended the showcase about three weeks ago got to watch most of the video (but not the ending), so we already knew where they went in Melbourne in the video. Feels nice to see places in the video and actually know which building is which, etc. Great job with the video!

Despite how packed it was, Demie and I only had to wait for about 5 minutes to get a seat, as we were seated facing the park behind the tram stop. We reckon there's a dog park somewhere nearby, cause we saw a lot of dogs walking around. And all cute as, I must say.

It's a baby and a doggie. Naw. Sokute.

Soy latté, $4.30.

I didn't think much of the soy latté there. It looked almost clumsily put together but it was pretty okay in general, though. Nothing bad, but nothing mind-blowing either.

Organic orange juice, $3.50.

Open pide of scotch fillet steak, tomato, caramelized onion, bacon, Swiss cheese, rocket, Mart beetroot relish and Russian vinaigrette, $16.90.

The portions were what you'd expect them to be, not too massive and not poverty portions either. I'd say the portions are just nice. Demie's pide was good: we both liked it but we both thought it was a tad overpriced. The vinaigrette was a good touch as well.

Open zaatar spiced Turkish flatbread topped with tabbouleh, rocket, tzatziki, hummus, and slow roasted pulled lamb shoulder, $16.50**

**I actually ordered and paid for the flatbread with warm falafel patties, $13.50, instead of the lamb, but they gave me this by mistake and I didn't realize it until later. :/

I actually really liked mine. It was something really different, and again, tasted good. A little too much rocket for my liking, but the hummus was really good and smooth. Didn't exactly come with 'pulled' lamb (maybe that's why I didn't realize it was the wrong dish), but it tasted good all the same.

Thanks for joining me Demie! Looks like we'll be going out more now that my exams are over. 

Feels great to be free but, what the heck am i gonna do for 6 weeks?!

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