Saturday, October 27, 2012

I've got a Yogurddiction.

I think the concept of a foodtruck is a very smart one. You're mobile, your customer base may be a tad bit larger than the usual restaurant and how many you get also depends on your own strategic placing.

When Yogurddiction tweeted that they were at the State Library, about 5 minutes away from where i stay, I picked up my bag, put on my jacket and ran out the door. I've been meaning to try it out for AGES, but they're always too far for me to travel to.

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Whenever you see that truck, you'll definitely know it's them. I mean, no one else would drive around in a striped, pink truck. I like it! It's so cute, and it makes it very approachable. Like the ice cream trucks we see in movies, sans the annoying music.

The other side of the truck was their mascot, Rosie Tulips (i think). I'm not too sure if she is supposed to be an excited, very young looking old lady, or just a girl with pretty damn funky hair.

Naw, cute. But take their warning seriously though. They're in clayton today and if i didn't have a busy day ahead of me, I'd travel all the way just for more.

And of course, for the health conscious, this might be a little nudge in the back to try it out, eh? Oh and they serve soft-serve frozen yogurt (froyo), by the way. 

Their froyo is kosher/halal, gluten-free, fat-free, and when they say natural, they mean that it's flavoured using local fruits, no preservatives or and of that nonsense you'd get when you buy it in a pack. 

I forgot to ask about sugar though, but if any sweet treat is completely sugar free, I'd definitely stay away from it. I'd rely on the assumption that Yogurddiction used the sweetness from the fruits, cause it tasted like it.

Their menu. I think the whole chalkboard and paper collage menu was really old school, really like the ice cream trucks. It probably really attracts the kids as well.

Exchanged a few words with one of the partners, Jason (from Singapore) about the froy while his business partner (oh no, i can't believe i forgot her name!) served the customers. They were pretty friendly, though I think they were a little overwhelmed by the crowd of students who flocked to their van out of no where.

He mentioned that the crowd is a real hit-and-miss thing, but today was a definite hit. They were there at the right time: there were about 2 different schools there (judging by the different uniforms i saw) at the State Library, and of course, anything sweet attracts school kids like Winnie the Pooh (or me) to honey.

Parfait, $7.

Basically you get to choose one of the  froyo flavours available for the day, with three of any of their toppings, and you get a big fat cup of it. I chose peach mango with granola, crushed almonds, and strawberries. They had other toppings too, but I decided that the healthier, the better. 

Price-wise, pretty worth it, I must say. Places like Cacao Green and Tutti Frutti would probably give you a slightly-more-than-poverty portion for that price.

How was it? Well, i loved it! It didn't give me that slightly frostbitten, stinging, rough feeling i get from Tutti Frutti's and Cacao Green's. It was smooth, not too sweet, and the peach and mango was just spot on, and it didn't have any hints of artificial anything in it.

The only thing though is that I wish they'd given a little bit more granola and almonds. But that aside, they gave such a generous serve of strawberries!

Completely clean. I would've licked the cup too if my face could fit in that way. I nomed it down in less than 5 minutes, cause it was just so good! Oh, yummy yummy..

Don't forget to flash them your student card for an extra 10% discount, and grab your loyalty card after.

Food: 9
Coffee: N/A
Ambience: N/A
Value: 8.5
Staff: 8

i've been having such great luck with food lately!

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