Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Adam's birthday at GAMI Chicken and Beer and Jauja.

First of all, happy birthday to the boy who's probably one of the few people I see most often out of 3001, and the boy who's probably made me laugh the hardest at the most senseless comments and impersonations.

Ngaaawww, birthday boy ish sho happee.

GAMI Chicken and Beer
100 Little Lonsdale St. Melbourne VIC
03 9671 3232
Mon - Sun, 5.30pm - 11pm
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Well, figured a picture of the menu is customary eh?

Adam's Kimchi pancake, $13

I'm not too big a fan of kimchi so.. no comments there. I must say, it wasn't as oily as it looks and it isn't doughy like other Korean pancakes that I've tried back in Malaysia though, so props to them. 

Iryan's Chicken Gizzards on a hot plate, $15.

I've had this before back when Jou and Josh visited Melbourne and I thought it was pretty good. I'd say people might assume that it's a dish that comes with rice, but you've gotta order a separate bowl of rice ($2) to go with it if you want. It's mildly spicy, and the gizzards hasn't got any of that 'animal innards' taste i loathe.

GAMI Chicken comes in 4 flavours, and we omitted the original.

Sweet Chilli, $30.

The sweet chilli was relatively alright. The least favourite among the three at the table, but personally, i preferred it to the new Spicy Sauce. Didn't leave that much of an impression on me, but it's saving grace was the awesome fried chicken that the sauce was supposed to enhance.

Sweet soy garlic, $30.

It's almost definite that everyone loved the sweet soy garlic, and I did too. It just went really well with the massively crunchy chicken. Would've been better if it was boneless, but we didn't think of ordering that for the strangest reason. Definitely a must try if you ever go to GAMI!

New Spicy Sauce, $30.

Most the the boys like the new sauce, but I didn't as much as they did. It's not BAD per se, but it wasn't drool-with-angels-singing-in-the-background good. The spicy sauce was just.. spicy. I enjoy spicy food but there was no dimension to the taste. Just, hot, hot hot and then crunch, then chicken. 

Sweet soy garlic getting snatched up by the boys. 

Another thing about that night's portions in GAMI: We got 4 plates of chicken (ordered a half-and-half later on) for 11 guys and 2 girls, and all of them except me had a bowl of rice each. It was just enough, instead of stuffed-till-you-feel-sick. 

I'd suggest getting a half-and-half (definitely sweet soy garlic!) for 3-4 people. And if you can fit (or have more people), try getting their Spicy Seafood Noodle ($15). I was looking forward to having that that night but they sold out. And if the taste of light beer is your thing, you can get a glass of their house-brewed GAMI beer for $3.50 or a barrel for $42.

And, don't forget to make a booking beforehand: they're usually full to the brim even on weekdays. 

Oh my God, people! My blog is lacking pictures of people!

Demie and yours truly.

Erik, Adam and Iryan.

John and Joshep.

Mark, Erik and Adam.

Zack, Jyethe, Eugene and Byron.

Demie, myself, Zack and Jyethe. Man, brings back memories of back in December. Can you believe it, that was nearly a year ago? Goddamn.

Adam and his Hershel from the group of us. You better use that bag more often than the Fred Perrys we bought for you last year! =.=

Took a walk down Lygon St, hoping for Freddo's. I worked on trial there for about 3 days when I first arrived in Melbourne last year, and i can't believe i forgot that they were closed on Mondays. (And my brief stint working there is definitely the reason why I've never been back..)
Decided to walk further down Lygon to try out Helados Jauja, which apparently gives Freddo's a run for their money. 

Helados Jauja
254 Lygon Street, Carlton VIC

Cute. Very cute.

One thing about Jauja is that they've got two 'lines' available: Premium and Classic. However, majority of the flavours are Premium so I personally don't see much point in having the differentiation. 
I didn't buy any ice cream for myself, mainly because I generally don't like ice cream (no, don't give me that look, I really don't), and also because I felt guilty enough for gobbling deep fried chicken from dinner. 

I did have a taste of a few flavours though: 

Hansel and Gretel, a chocolate base ice cream, was like a dark chocolate bar in ice cream form. 
Popcorn and Nuts in Cream was something different too, but I didn't like the chunky bits in it too much. 
Yummy Yoghurt with cranberries & roasted almonds was pretty powdery and I didn't like it.
The Durian was an accidental thing. I hate durian and it was on Zack's spoon with H&G. Ohwell. At least Freddo's isn't your only option if you want durian, or even pandan flavoured ice cream.

Happy birthday Adam, the friend with the most massive sweet tooth out there!

The bunch of them, some enjoying ice-cream and Adam enjoying a little more than that with Joshep.

I haven't had pictures of people on my blog since I started blogging again. Hmm.. Don't think you can really consider this blog a food blog anyway, so who cares?

By the way, does anyone know where to get macro lenses and flash guns for Canon cameras at a lower-than-retail price? I'm looking for one to, y'know, enhance the photos of the food on my blog. Do leave a comment if you do, s'il vous plait

omg. need. to. gym. pronto.

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