Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dare you try out pink mayonaise at Huxtaburger?

Our friend Lara is here on a holiday, and according to Iryan, she loves, LOVES, burgers. 

I know many people would've suggested Andrew's Hamburgers in Albert Park, but the problem with Andrew's is that there isn't any space to sit and enjoy your meal. Park benches, unfortunately, do not count. So the next most talked about burgers out there was Huxtaburger. 

106 Smith Street, Collingwood VIC
03 9417 MEAT (how cool is that haha)
Tues - Sun, 11.30am - late
[ tram 86, stop 15 (Gertrude St/Smith St) ]
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I placed an order over the phone before we left from Bourke/Swanston, and the girl over the phone was very friendly. We got there before the dinner rush came in I suppose, cause there were other customers there but it wasn't mad crowded or anything.

 I did hear that some had to wait up to 45 minutes to an hour for their burger even after ordering over the phone. But we weren't as unlucky, thank goodness.

I would've taken a picture of their signboard, but I'd have to stand in the middle of the road to do that, so i guess the name card will have to do.

I didn't know this, but i read on Poor Student Eats that the burgers are named after the characters in The Bill Cosby Show. 

I don't know, does anyone watch The Bill Cosby Show? I don't, so I can't relate. It's a good idea though, especially Denise (the hot one).

Now about that pink mayonaise, there's nothing gross about it. They just added some beetroot juice for the colour, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And on top of that. $0.50 for every Denise sold in October goes to Breast Cancer Research. 

+10 for their karma right there. I'm a sucker for any act of nobility.

Now I did bring 5 people with me, but I didn't have a burger cause to be very honest, I don't really like burgers, and cause I wanted to pick up some of Trippy Taco's down the road.

Huxtaburger - beef patty, mustard, pink mayo, tomato sauce, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and pickles, $8.50.

The basic burger - probably the best way to gauge how good a burger is. Both Lara and Maxine had this, and Lara said it's 'amazing'. Maxine mentioned that Huxtaburger put more care into the patty, compared to Andrew's where they focused more on the toppings that came with the burger.

Denise (the hot one) huxtaburger with jalapeno and sriracha mayo, $9.50.

To be very honest, this is exactly the type of burger I'd order, just cause it had the magic word 'Sriracha' in it. I did try some of this, and I really liked it with the jalapeños, but I didn't taste much sriracha in it.

Billshuxtaburger with bacon, egg, pineapple and beetroot, $10.50.

Jason, of course, went for the option with beetroot in it. According to him, he definitely prefers this to the Mighty Melbourne from Grill'd, which up till now was his favourite burger ever. I tried some too and it was pretty good, though I didn't get much of the bacon or the pineapple in the tiny bite that I took.

Theohuxtaburger with bacon, double pattie, double cheese, bbq sauce, $11.50

Adam had this sans the bacon and with an egg. It just looked really good, with the double pattie. He seemed like he was really into it though, getting it all over his fingers, sauces dripping all over and stuff.

Overall, I think they enjoyed the burger, especially Lara and Jason. One thing though, and I'm sure the rest would agree, the size of the burgers were a little small to fill them up. I was surprised no one ordered a second one, though Adam did have a massive burrito with me from Trippy Taco after. And maybe an issue with space. The 6 of us had to squeeze into one table that was probably meant for 4.

Food: 8
Coffee: N/A
Ambience: 6
Value: 8.5
Staff: 7.5 

Who wants to follow me on a crêpe trail!?

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