Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Sieu Minn (Part Two), at Strange Wolf.

Headed to Strange Wolf for dinner with a relatively big bunch of people for dinner. 

Strange Wolf 
Strachan Lane, Melbourne VIC 
03 9662 4914 
Mon - Fri, 12pm - late, Sat, 8pm - late
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The place is actually a bar, lounge, and a disco. It was really, really dark when we walked in and it took me a while to adjust to the surroundings.

It felt as if i was in a dungeon, really, just with air conditioning and alcohol. We got this massive table for our group at 16, and it felt as it we were dining in a castle with the candles and everything.

Their menu is really limited, just 6 burgers. Out of 6, the we ordered 5. I guess no one was interested in a pumpkin and pinenut burger (Fairy Godmother, $14). The burgers came pretty quickly, almost instantly in fact.

Most of them ordered The Wolf, $12 (bottom right), and by the looks of it, they seemed to like it. Or maybe they were just really hungry. Only Yusri and Russell ordered The Golem, $15 (top right) and Jo and Debra (i think) ordered the Bacon, $15.

I had the Shroom Burger, $12 (bottom left). It was pretty good. The bun was sweet and soft, and the massive portobello mushrooms were cooked well. I enjoyed the caramelized onions the best though. Portions were pretty big as well, and the chips were really good. Thin, crispy, and not too salty.

I'd say the Mongrel Deluxe, $18 looked the best (top left). It was massive!

Food: 7.5
Coffee: N/A
Ambience: 7 (considering it's a bar)
Value: 7
Staff: 8

Now, I intended this post to be a people post, not a food one, so that's where the food ends. 

Hi Aunty! Here's the picture of Minn and her food that you asked for.

We headed back to Minn's place since she was too shy to have her cake at the bar. The cake was a Mango Sorbet cake, from Bread Top. Good job Kit Yen for recommending this! It was really good!

Birthday girl with her birthday cake.

Out of all the candle blowing photos I've ever taken of people, you definitely look the best. Usually, it'll just look inappropriate.

I didn't get a proper reaction photo when she took her iPod out of the plastic bag, but I guess this will do. Thanks Debra, for choosing and handling Minn's presents!

Sherwin's gift to Minn.

Such a typical thing for Sherwin to do. It made (a very drunk) someone on the tram on the way back pretty happy though.

And inside that massive box..

Earphones. Noice. I hope you liked all the presents you got this year, Minn :)

/ people pictures start here /

Ian and Amy

Jocelyn and Sim

Kit Yen and Pock

Josephine and Russell

Eugene and Debra

Yusri and Jocelyn

Joo Lee and Sherwin

Minn and Joo Lee

Amy, Jocelyn and Minn

Mark and Minn

Jason and Minn

Minn and Josephine

Minn and Sherwin

Minn and the girls

Minn and the boys

Minn and all of them!

I've gotta say that among all my friends, she's the most camera-shy (more like camera hate) so the fact that I do have this many pictures of her is a big, big deal. Thanks for being cooperative, Minn =p. 

Love you long time. It's great that after a year in Melbourne, we're finally going out more! Don't be too stressed out about exams. I'm very sure, knowing how you were like in high school, that your exam demons will be battled down without a doubt. Now get off my blog and go study.

should i really get a name card?

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