Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quickie at Seven Seeds.

Even when I first arrived in Melbourne a year and a half ago, I've heard many good things about Seven Seeds. Maybe because it's right next to the Commerce building in Melbourne Uni, where I study. 

But my first time there, a long, long time ago on a Saturday, I was pretty disappointed. I concluded that the place was overrated, full of rude staff and overpriced food, with great beans but mediocre baristas so I never came back even though it was just a stone's throw away from uni and home. 

Seven Seeds
114 Berkeley Street, Carlton, VIC

03 9347 8664
www.sevenseeds.com.auMon - Sat, 7am-5pm, Sun 8am-5pm,  Public Holidays 8am-4pmSeven Seeds on Urbanspoon

Minn was very keen on trying out the place, mainly for their 'Egyptian Eye' which was probably taken off the menu since it was available back in 2009. So I brought her there, keen on giving the place another try, this time on a weekday to see if there'll be any difference.

I tried so hard to get a good, full picture of their 'tree' but there were too many trucks parked right outside and and too many cars on the street.

Ah, a Synesso. Such a modern looking machine. And one of the many baristas peeking at me and my camera.

The waitress upfront was very friendly, and very attentive when I arrived earlier than Minn. That was a surprise, since I wasn't expecting good service even when I stepped into the place. After Minn came by, it took us a while to catch her to get our order, and it took a little longer for the food to arrive. No harm though.

Soy latté
, $4.

I'm pretty sure they've changed baristas since then, because the soy latté I had was pretty good. Sure, no latté art skills shown whatsoever, but heck, i genuinely enjoyed that coffee. (since Jason wasn't with us, i can't exactly give you his usual coffee talk).

Deluxe Burger: mayura wagyu pattie with pickles, cheddar and mustard on soft brioche bun with spicy pork scratchings, $15.

I didn't taste much of it, but from what i tasted, it was not bad. Not the best burger out there, for sure, but what really amused Minn and i was the extremely soft brioche bun. She kept patting it and it was.. bouncy. I thought the patty was a little under-seasoned, but the taste of the cheddar came through just enough to cover that up.

And, for those who know Minn, she actually ate the spinach in the burger! Not the salad, but like she said, one step at a time. I finished the salad for her.

Granola with labna, citrus salad, fresh berries and honey, $9.5.

I wasn't very hungry at all, so I had what I never thought I would've ordered in a café. My logic is that if I can cook it at home without any real trouble, why should I pay 3 times the price for it?

No regrets with this though. I really liked it (honey and berries all over, yummyyyy) and the waitress was really nice when I asked her to change the full cream milk to a soy. The labna was a good touch as well. The fruits, which the taste really can't be set by the kitchen, were sweet and juicy and really fresh.

There were plenty, plenty of 'goodies' with every scoop of granola, which is exactly the way I like it. It may cost a little more than your average granola from another café, but if I feel like spoiling myself in uni, I'd come back just for that.

Overall, my return visit was a good one. I'd be happy to come back here anytime when I'm in uni and feeling peckish and a little rich.

Should've known it would've been a good brunch when the waitress sat me in front of the prettiest white lilies I've ever seen. I love lilies.

I was rushing to class so I really couldn't get much of the interior. Oh well.

Food: 7
Coffee: 8
Ambience: 8
Value: 6
Staff: 8

I've gained so much weight :(,

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